Brent Crude Oil: Murrey analysis

On the D1 chart, the price is traded near the upper border of the Murrey range ([8/8]) at around 68.75, and tries to reverse downwards.

EUR/USD: the dynamics maintains

Current trend

EUR has significantly strengthened against USD recently.


Ethereum: general review

Current trend

Today, the cryptocurrency market has sharply adjusted, and Ethereum thus

XAU/USD: technical analysis


On the daily chart, the instrument is in the correction in the upper part of Bollinger Bands.

Bank of America Corp. (BAC/NYSE): general review

Current trend

Bank of America stock shows a confident upward trend since the beginning of the year, adding more than 5.5%.

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA/NASD): general analysis

Current trend

In the end of the last week, Tesla introduced budget Model 3 on display in two outlets in the USA.

CAC: technical analysis


On the daily chart, the instrument is trading in the upper Bollinger band. The

GBP/USD: technical analysis


On the daily chart, the pair is growing along the upper border of Bollinger Bands.

USD/CAD: USD remains under pressure

Current trend

The instrument continues to develop a downward trend, offsetting a fairly

Altria Group Inc.: wave analysis

The price can fall.

The development of the upward correction of the higher level as a

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