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Social platform for copying trades

Discover the world of successful trading by copying trades or become an example to follow

Risk Warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.‏

What is the Social Trading platform

The Social Trading platform is traders' social network for copying trades.

Social Trading brings together global traders to form a successful community where they can use one another's experience to achieve their goals.

Join our community of traders - share success, gain expereince and earn with LiteForex!

Communicate with other community members: share your thoughts and trading achievements in the newsfeed.

Duplicate successful traders’ trades in your own аccount or share them with others through our copy-trading system.

Share your knowledge and experience in your newsfeed, attract new followers, motivate them to duplicate your trades and earn a commission from their profits.

How Social Trading works

Depending on your goals, choose the role that really suits you and achieve your objectives!
Combine all the opportunities provided by the flexibility of the Social Trading platform.
Open simultaneously investor' and trader' аccounts – combining the best in a single platform.


Are you an experienced and successful trader? Become a trader and get an additional income from copying your trades


Traders make trades in their аccounts and provide a newsfeed where they share trading successes and chat with their followers. Besides their own trading profits, traders also receive a commission from their investors' аccounts.

You want to make money but don't have enough experience? become a investor and a follower – chat, copy trades and earn profit


Investor and follower

Trades copying

Investors copy traders' trades, make profits from them and pay traders a percent of the profit. The amount of commission preset by a trader as a copy trading fee is displayed in our monitoring.

A follower is any client registered in the system and subscribed for a trader's newsfeed.

Top traders

Account Lifespan (days) Trader's commission Profitability Equity Investors Investors' equity
797 d. 25% 834.68 % / 27,246.97 USD 33,038.15 USD 364 3,004,936.17 USD
1048 d. 40% 679.81 % / 100,424.46 USD 47,040.03 USD 217 762,328.31 USD
834 d. 20% 107.11 % / 34,888.94 USD 39,716.09 USD 79 140,440.91 USD
51 d. 20% 79.45 % / 1,642,133.25 USD 2,104,178.49 USD 99 7,751,241.71 USD
137 d. 25% 10.80 % / 1,085.85 USD 11,085.85 USD 0 0.00 USD

The copy-trading system means high income and confidence in trading decisions every day.

If you've got little experience, you copy professionals' trades and adopt their methods. So you learn while making stable profits in the forex market.

If you are an experienced trader, you share your knowledge with novices and allow them to copy your trades. So you earn more by receiving a commission.

You are always the winner!